Being a Teacher

…is time-consuming work.

I am so behind on everything.  Laundry, housework, yardwork, news, correspondence, blogs, webcomics.  Not to mention schoolwork. I really don’t know what they were thinking, making me a teacher – after all, I majored in Procrastination, which is a skill best forgotten when teaching! Seriously, if something needs doing, you do it NOW before something else gets a chance to get all needy and in your face.

Love love love my job. 🙂

Seventh grade is a lot different than tenth grade. There is an enormous range of physical, mental, and emotional maturity. Some of my kids are small enough to carry, and others might be able to pick me up. Some are convinced they are in second grade, and others act like they’re in high school. In my first week I had a girl need to be excused due to “feminine issues”; in my second week I had a girl need to be excused because one of her teeth fell out. Yes, boys and girls, MY STUDENTS ARE STILL LOSING THEIR BABY TEETH.

Here’s a picture of me, approximately twenty minutes before my first day as a “real” teacher began (click to enlarge):

First Day

As it turns out, I have 161 students spread out over six classes. There are only 109 “unique” students; some of them have me for writing one period and literature another. That 161 does not include my Advisory class, which is basically homeroom. Apparently it is against my contract to have more than 160 students, so I’m not sure what (if anything) will change there. I honestly didn’t realize, and I’m not at all sure one student will make that much difference.

Here’s a picture I took on the first day of my second week:

Me with Unfinished Library

My motivation for this photo, if I’m being quite honest, is that I liked my outfit and am proud of my not-yet-fully-assembled classroom library. In retrospect, it appears to be a photograph of me doing my best “peg-legged pirate without a peg leg” impression. It’s true that posing in first position (?) is flattering, but it can also have  unintended piratical consequences. 🙂

I have another post that I’m trying to wring out of  myself. Last Tuesday I found out that a pretty special person had been killed, and I would like to write about it. I’m hoping I make that happen pretty soon here.


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