More About Chicks

Since my unhatched chickens have started to hatch, can I have a robot chick?

ThinkGeek (easily the best store on teh intratoobz) just emailed me about this irrationally adorable invention. (The fact that it arrived in my inbox on the same day that my eggs hatched seems entirely serendipitous.) It sits on your hand, chirps, wiggles its wings, and responds to human touch. If you ignore it, it will cry. It is so life-like that, according to the website, dogs will be fooled. It’s not the cheapest thing they’ve ever sold, but seriously, how can you resist the urge to provide me with such totally useful entertainment?


2 thoughts on “More About Chicks

  1. Hey! I got this unexpected message, and here I am :P. I’m Ulysses from Xanga BTW. This is a slick-looking blog, and I love that chick! I wonder where I could get one? I like to fiddle with little gimmicky toys. In a local toy store they have these small beanie-baby type animals with magnets in their paws and I couldn’t resist arranging their hands to cover their eyes in a “woe is me” pose.

  2. Hey hun, sam here from xanga land. I have missed you. You probably know me better by the screen name one_trached_momma from Xanga…
    How has your summer been???

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