Ramen Eaters, Rejoice!

If you’ve gone to college, you undoubtedly are familiar with the frustrations of everyone’s favorite fifteen-cent cuisine. The noodles are too slippery to eat with a spoon, and the broth is too thin to eat with a fork. What’s to be done?

Obviously, invent new flatware!

Introducing the Ramen Spoon/Fork.


According to the MoMA website:

Originally created for use at the popular Sugakiya ramen noodle restaurant chain in Japan, this combination fork-spoon or spork easily twists noodles and ladles soup. Ecologically, it was intended to eliminate the waste created by disposal chopsticks. Dishwasher safe. Made of stainless steel. Destination: Japan is a MoMA-exclusive product collection highlighting lifestyle products from Japan. MoMA EXCLUSIVE Size: 7.75h x 2w x 1.5″diam.

This handy utensil can be yours for the low, low price of $12. That’s… 80 or so cups of noodles!


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