Daily JPGs 37-40

I are a slackr.

And at this rate, I’m going to use up all of my “backup” Daily JPGs. Gonna have to start taking some photos, no?

For Wednesday’s Daily JPG, I present the following shot. I have titled it “What the Heck am I Thinking?” It depicts my place in the world from 5:15-6:45 on Wednesday afternoons. Note to general public: I am not a percussionist.


Thursday was the first day I taught as the “real” teacher. It didn’t go particularly well. (There’s a blog entry in the works over at FOB, but I haven’t finished it yet.) In honor of that, I present a photo of my classroom’s new setup. It’s a subtle change, but it’s there.

new class setup

Friday seemed like a good day to share a picture stolen from Cute Overload (taken by a rooftop webcam) instead of one of my own:

from Cute Overload caught on webcam

And finally, Saturday. Uhm… someone let the cat out of the bag? Or into the bag? One of those things…

sophie in a sack

(That’s Sophie. She’s in a bag.)


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