Daily JPG 7

I am pre-dating this post so that it appears on the 11th, although I am posting it on the 12th. Didn’t have time to do Daily JPG yesterday as it was Ryan’s birthday, and besides, I wanted to use a birthday picture. And so… here you go:


Here is Ryan cheating in his efforts to blow out 30 CANDLES on his PRETTY PINK PRINCESS CAKE. No one even realized he was doing it until the photo appeared on my camera, at which point I promptly called him out. My dad had noticed all the moisture and wondered if Ryan had sprayed 7-Up on the cake. (Ew.) But no; this is a computer geek family, and when we cheat at blowing out candles, we do it with canned air. 🙂

Happy birthday, sweetie. 🙂


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