Daily JPG 5


Progress on cleaning and up-sprucing the house is satisfying. I kind of have housecleaning ADD; I can’t seem to concentrate on one area at a time and finish it all at once. Instead, I do a little on Task A, a little on Task B, and flit around the house making gradual progress on a dozen different things at once. Inefficient and probably slower, but it’s the only way I really seem to make any headway. Crank up some upbeat music, grab a caffeinated beverage, and follow the Tidy House Fairy’s whims.

(“Caffeinated” is a word, right? My spell checker doesn’t approve.)

Anyway, this is a table in my living room. When we first moved into this house I wanted to do the living room in chocolate brown and aqua. Since then, I’ve begun to think that I’d rather do aqua and a slightly orangey red, as seen above. The constant is the aqua, which I started collecting when we moved. I decided to heck with waiting – just because I can’t buy new furniture and paint right now doesn’t mean I can’t trot out my pretty accessories, right?

The tallest vase was one I fell in love with at a store, but didn’t buy… and when I went back, it was gone. I was devastated. And then, a few months later, voila! The vase returned. The rectangular vase with the design on it (filled with hibiscus) was a gift, and it’s really beautiful. And the plate that I’ve propped up was something I found on eBay and had shipped from England. It’s really beautiful as well.

Anyway, back to the house! I feel very efficient – I’m cleaning, and cooking, and still managing to post my JPG. 🙂


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