Daily JPG 4


This is a picture of our little corner of New Orleans, the red wall in our kitchen. All three pictures are original prints by New Orleans artists, purchased there pre-Katrina. Peter Pianoeater and New Orleans Jazz Cat are by the same artist. (“Original prints” sounds like an oxymoron, and I guess it is, except that the deal was that the artist made a limited number of hand-replicated prints of each piece, and these are among them. They’re numbered in a series. The littlest one is actually an original, I think.)

We also have two large “voodoo dolls” from New Orleans, one of which matches our kitchen colors, but since they’re made of cloth I didn’t want them where they’d get greasy. Plus, I’m just a tiny bit wigged out by the voodoo dolls, so I keep them in the library where the good mojo of books can protect me from any possible bad mojo. 🙂

Click to embiggen.


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