In Which I Want More!! ;)

I knew this would happen… make a wish list, and you’re guaranteed to realize you’ve left things off. Hope no one minds if I post an addendum. These are actually things I totally want but just neglected to post earlier…

Stupid WordPress isn’t letting me post pictures, so you’ll have to click – sorry.)

Some time ago I saw a woman wearing a Bleacher Blanket Poncho and I fell in love. I figured she’d made it. Then, I saw them at Walgreens. The people who make them have a website but you apparently can’t buy them online…? Anyway, the one I love, and the one I saw at Walgreens, is navy on one side and orange on the other. How amazing is that?

The second thing is that I could really use a new eyeliner brush from MAC. I don’t know which one it is that I have now (should check when I get home) but I know it’s not the super-fine one. Might be this one

And see, I really shouldn’t go to that website, because then I start looking at the eyeshadows, which I REALLY don’t need, but my goodness, aren’t they pretty? It’s hard to tell what they really look like on a computer screen, but I’m fascinated by Moonbathe Firespot and Moonflower, which apparently means that I’m into lunar makeup or something. Has anyone ever tried the tinted lip conditioner? Or the lip conditioner stick? My lips are so beat up lately…

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