In Which I Make a Geeky Gift List

My birthday is in December, as is (I’m told) Christmas. Despite the fact that I love everything and have rarely received a gift I didn’t like (I’m dreadfully easy to shop for) everyone seems to want to know what to get me for these Decembery occasions. And so – a list of suggestions. (Yargh – this is hard.)

Belkin® CushTop Brown and Blue Case (about $30, found at Staples in July, spotted at Office Max in October). This thingy makes working on a laptop so nice – would be too cheesy to reference the lap of luxury? Plus, it matches my laptop case. I was in love from the moment I saw it, and R said to put it on my wish list, so here it is.

Isn’t that exciting-looking? Oh, but its appearances are deceiving. It’s a huge self-healing mat. ::Swoon::

These Page Points are the best kind of bookmark, and yet somehow I’ve never managed to have any.

Attractive, comfy clothes suitable for wearing to high school – as a teacher, not a student, because heaven knows there’s no way I could wear what those kids are wearing! 🙂

Comfortable, halfway-cute shoes. Took a suggestion to try Borns and am hooked. They’re horribly expensive, but if you happen to notice that they’re on sale I’d love to know about it. I have three pairs of sandals but would love a pair that would be good in colder weather. I don’t do well with shoes that don’t have a back, and heels just aren’t practical for a classroom. Size 9.

Also, I need a new pair of sneakers. I know that this is a silly thing to put on a list, because shoes of any kind are horribly hard to buy for someone who isn’t there. I’m not really actually looking for these as a present – I’m just trying to flesh out my list with things I actually need.


Moving on to things I don’t need in the least… I really like these bird bells. And I think this “birds of paradise” set is just about the sweetest thing ever. Birds with words? Oh yeah – sign me up.

Book Bungees: what a great idea – bookmarks that hold your book closed.

I don’t know if this comb binding machine is any good or not – it’s the cheapest you can get, basically, which is still about $60. I’d love a wire binding machine (and a ream cutter, and a hole driller) but those things are astronomically expensive, and I’m just not good enough at bookbindery to justify that kind of investment yet… (I suppose having this item on my list makes me the world’s biggest geek, huh.)

I’d really like some canned air. Does that make me a hopeless geek?


If my rich uncle or whomever is reading this and wants to buy me something… I’ve decided that I’d like to get my SLR a digital friend. I’m just so jealous of these beautiful photos taken by people with real cameras, but I can’t justify using film at football games and stuff when I just want to take a thousand pictures. Anyway, I’ve decided I’d just be delighted with the Canon Digital Rebel XT, which does pretty much everything I’m wanting without costing a thousand dollars.

Any secret admirers out there who want to buy me sparklies may take inspiration from the following:


Updated claddagh ring, Tolkein bracelet, well-behaved woman bracelet. I also like Red Envelope’s star/dream necklace and origami crane necklace. And you can’t go wrong with the beauty and utility of this “Frank Lloyd Knife” necklace.

I’ve been keeping a silly wish list of things on one of my favorite website, Perpetual Kid. Some of my favorites:


I definitely need a red crayon pen.

I’ve been meaning to buy these monkeys for myself, but haven’t yet, so I guess I’ll put them on this list.

This is something I totally need: USB heated gloves. If you’ve ever felt my hands after I’ve been typing for a while, you know why. I prefer the purple ones, I think. 🙂 (Another USB toy I would get good use out of is this – although at this rate, I will also need one of these!)

The rest of my silly Perpetual Kid gift can be seen here.

As long as I’m listing goofy gifts from goofy websites…


I think it’s only fair to warn people.


This shirt pretty much rocks, too.

But my favorite pretty much has to be this one:


Okay, that’s enough. 🙂

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