In Which We March Again

Today I’m at the 20th Anniversary Reunion of the Blue Thunder Marching Band in conjunction with Boise State’s 75 Year Anniversary and Homecoming. That’s a lot of capital letters. Reunions are generally pretty depressing affairs, if you ask me, but this is being kind of fun if only because I really know relatively few people. Twenty years worth of alumni is a lot of people to not know. 🙂

Plus, I get to wear comfortable shoes and – gasp – blue jeans! – which is nice.

There are a lot of cute band babies.

Hopefully today’s game will be more fun than last week’s. 🙂

It’s fun to play again, though. Ryan and I are skipping the homecoming parade but we’ll be marching pregame. Hopefully we’ll get some good photos….

For the win! Someone got to my blog by Googling “kappa kappa psi AEA meaning.” Hey, guess what? You’re not going to find it here. 🙂 Sorry!(Psst: it’s “American Emu Association.”)

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