In Which It’s Now September

My laptop finally arrived! Thoughts:

  • I hate Dell. I really do.
  • I love my computer, though.
  • Even though it isn’t anywhere near as brown as I was led to believe.
  • But it’s this really gorgeous copper-brown subtle color.
  • The inside? With the keys and stuff? SO pretty. Everything’s silver, no black.
  • I’m a real keyboard snob, and this keyboard is AWESOME. The touchpad mouse is actually usable, too! I can get by on this without a wireless mouse for quite a while, I think.
  • Can’t quite figure out how to make the webcam work.
  • Vista is weird, but I think I like it.
  • Office 2007 is REALLY weird. But I think I’m (going to) like it.
  • Oh, man, it is SO nice to have a laptop again. I feel like I might actually catch up on my e-Life again. You know how long it’s been since I posted on this blog, but did you know how long it’s been since I read any of my sites/comics/etc. or caught up on email? Ye gourds.
  • Dell didn’t send my laptop case, but it should be here Monday. That’ll be nice; the bag I’m using right now is not designed for a computer, and really hurts my shoulders.
  • Note to self: check out the speakers.
  • Came with nice headphones.
  • Still hate Dell.

I’m working at the high school as an “intern teacher” and have been steadily getting more integrated into the classroom. I’ve had the chance to lead the class a little, and I’ve had a few amazing adventures in other peoples’ classes that you can read on my teaching journal. (If you’re reading this, and don’t know where my teaching journal is, contact me…)

The football season is off and running. I have no comment on the Washington game, except BLAH. However, this does mean that my job at the band office is also off and running, and that’s its usual mixed bag. I LOVE working with the kids, but there are other aspects that are rather challenging for me. I think that the good things will continue to outweigh the bad for the short semester ahead of me, and then I’ll have another set of problems when I can’t work at all! Hooray.

Ooo! I got my hair cut. Feels GREAT.

This is so stupid – I never intended for this to be a newsletter blog. I’m going to make a really earnest attempt to write decent posts for this site again – in fact, I may go to my “private” journal and see what I’ve written recently (not much) that might could be recycled. I haven’t had time to write ANYTHING lately, but I can do better.

One thought on “In Which It’s Now September

  1. John here, customer advocate at Dell headquarters.

    I gathered from your blog post that you have some deep-seated resentment about something we did. Begining and ending your list with variants of “I hate Dell” was kind of a dead giveaway.

    If you’ve been mistreated in any way by us, please feel free to let me know. I would love to look into it for you, and make any corrective action necessary.

    Dell Customer Advocate

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