Accio Deathly Hallows

One of these days I’ll post something non-HP related, I swear. Today, maybe!

Brotherhood 2.0 is a video-blog by two brothers who are doing an experiment – no talking to one another for a solid year in any form other than 4-minute daily videos. It’s gained a huge following. One of the brothers does a weekly song; he’s no great vocal talent, but his songs are brilliant and funny. Song-making brother is a well-read environmentalist blogger, and the other brother is a published YA author.

Anyway, this video, from July 18, is the #! favorited YouTube video right now. Big coup for their website. And the song is great – his “uh oh” predictions are pretty on (so yeah, spoiler alert, despite the video title), and he’s totally saying exactly what I was thinking!


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