Rockin’ Girl Blogger!

I interrupt your regular daily programming for the following announcement: I’ve been nominated as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger! This is the second surprise in the past 48 hours to really unexpectedly brighten my day, and I can’t thank Erin of Paperback Stash enough for this very nice honor. She wrote:

I don’t think [Book Dragon]’s been nominated, at least not where I can
find by searching. She’s extremely enthusiastic with her blog and it’s a great
one! A variety of book lover posts and so friendly and helpful with me when I
started the Paperback Stash.

I hadn’t been nominated, and I’m just as pleased as punch.

Now it is my extreme pleasure to nominate four others who qualify as Rockin’ Girl Bloggers. What a challenge – I read so many amazing blogs, and to choose only four, who haven’t yet been nominated – wow!

One of my favorite book blogs, Kimbooktu, focuses less on reading than on gadgetry – and I approve! Kim scours cyberspace for the newest, neatest, craziest, and most impossible toys for bibliophiles out there. I’m always looking at some bookcase she’s discovered and gasping out loud. She also does a lot of fun interactive things; right now she’s collecting pictures of peoples’ home libraries.

Spring Weaver’s Writes of Spring deserves a nod, and not just because she has the coolest name AND the coolest blog name on teh intrawebz. Spring’s blog is a mix of offerings: notes on her young marriage, letters to her weimaraner, spiritual exploration, and the journal of an aspiring writer. She writes well and interestingly, and is just a fun person overall. I met her back when she was a Xangan like me, and it was her in part who has inspired me to focus my bloggery and consider launching out on my own as a “real blogger.” 🙂

Jackie Poutasse’s TJBookArts is her electronic home for bookbinding. I love all of the little tidbits I find there – especially the clear tutorials on new bindings! Jackie is really devoted to creating a community of book artists, whether on her blog, the book arts list serv, or Jackie’s book arts forum. It’s also a lot of fun to read about her daily life on the other side of the country, interacting with the various artists, schools, markets, and presses that aren’t as easy to find in my area. Her photographs and descriptions are treats for any booklover or artist.

I feel sure that I once knew Novelle360‘s real first name, but I can’t remember it now. That doesn’t minimize the worthiness of her blog for mention as a Rockin’ Girl Blog. She’s another ex-Xangan, and I’ve really enjoyed following her life for the past many months. A columnist and editor, Novelle is also a hilarious woman expecting her first (second, if you count her dog) child with her radio DJ husband. I love Novelle’s wry tellings of her life, pregnancy, and marriage.

There are so many others that deserve mention, but I guess I’ll play by the rules and keep it down to four. Thanks again to Paperback Stash and to all of the truly great – and rockin’ – bloggers of every genre and gender that keep my mind occupied throughout the day. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Girl Blogger!

  1. Thank you for nominating me! Now I will have to find out what to do…

    But… What was the other surprise you had?

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