I have books to review – I’m going to be really happy once I actually have a chance to write a real entry! In the meantime, here’s a couple of neat things I’ve come across on teh intrawebz lately.

If I could read Italian, I could tell you more about this disturbing(ly beautiful? up to opinion) book “shelf”.

If you’ve ever felt like you had the world on your shoulders, you might sympathize with this pen holder.

By the same company, a cute little bookshelf w/vases.

The more I browse around this store, the more it becomes a new favorite! Check out these adorable bookends:

And finally, one more bookshelf that is really making the rounds:


One thought on “Thingamabobs

  1. I’m the designer of the venere…what do tou mean for disturbing? If u qant to know something else about that project contact me from my website, i would be happy to answer you.

    ps. sorry for my english

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