In Which There Were Critters

I’m at home for a few minutes, finishing up lunch, after having taken Sophie into the vet. She wasn’t feeling good – strange vomiting patterns, etc. – so I took her in. They think it’s odd, but that there’s nothing wrong with her that they can find. Maybe hairballs? She’s kind of an obsessive groomer. Anyway, now I’m sitting at my desk catching up on blogs, and Sophie is sitting on the desk next to the keyboard, watching the cursor move on the monitor and occasionally looking at me with big aqua-colored eyes and blinking. She’s really a very pretty kitty.

What I wanted to say is (oh dear, now she’ trying to catch the cursor, and I can’t see the monitor anymore… LOL) that this was the coolest vet visit ever. I go to the Humane Society clinic, for a number of reasons (cost, good cause, great vets) and they recently brought on an “exotic animals” vet. Well, while I was sitting there waiting with Sophie, a woman who reminded me of Katharine Hepburn when she was older came in with an enormous dog kennel thing. Inside the kennel? A Canada Goose. She apparently works with AIDA (one of my very favorite causes) and has a pair of injured, unreleasable geese at her place. (Go to that website and turn on your speakers…) This one has had a broken wing for a long time, and she was bringing it in to have the wing amputated so that its mobility would improve.

While she and I are talking, in comes a person with a great big tortoise named Four Wheel Drive… not sure what was wrong with it…

In the exam room, I could hear brand new kittens mewing on the other side of the wall.

And then I heard our vet (she has a distinctive voice) exclaim, “Oooh! It tickles!” Well, naturally, I wanted to know what was tickling… so I asked the vet assistant when she came out. It turns out that Goose Lady has a pet bat – has had for four years – and she keeps it in her shirt! I asked her about it after I checked Sophie out, and she let me see it. Such a tiny little thing – although she assures me that it was a “big” bat for Idaho – with big ears and the tiniest little sharp teeth you ever saw. Like if someone crossed one of those huge furry moths with a mouse. She rescued it when it was a 6-gram pink thing, and now it goes practically everywhere with her, tucked inside her shirt. It likes to be over her heart, but wanders around under there all over her front and back. The bat’s name was Mowgli, or something like that, and I honestly don’t know what kind of bat it was, but it could hide entirely in her hand. Big ears. Soft light-colored hair on its head.

A couple of days ago I saw a fox near our company’s parking lot, and the day before that we saw a young deer on campus, so I guess it’s just being a very wild animal sort of week!

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