In Which We Escape the Heat

This past weekend, the first heat wave of the season hit Boise. Being sensible people, we headed for the hills where everything was green, cool, thunderstormy, and out of cell phone range.

deer in woods

(Warning: scary third-day-of-camping photo next.) First person on the left is my dad, who celebrated his birthday while we were camping. Happy birthday, Dad! There were nine of us, human-wise (if sixth-grade boys count as human), plus the dog shown in the picture below…

camping group photo

and these ones…

three camping dogs

Winnie Shasta

…for a grand total of nine people and six dogs. Good thing we chose to stay at this campground:

Dog Creek

Our campsite was right next to the eponymous creek, and let me tell you what – there is no better sleep than “air mattress next to creek” sleep. My allergies were pretty awful the first day (and I’ve got the lip full of blisters today to prove it) but Meredith helped me correct an allergy med imbalance and I felt much better the rest of the trip.

Paisley is a good camping dog, although she liked some activities

log bridge

better than others

canine swimming lessons #1 canine swimming lessons #2

Probably her favorite thing – probably everyone’s favorite thing – was the boat. Here to illustrate how fun riding in a boat is is Mom’s awesome dog, Jazzi.

awesome boat dog

Not to be outdone, Paisley chimes in:

boat puppy

Another nice thing about boats is that when you go to shore, they provide shade (if you’re small enough to enjoy it).

boat shade

Cody, the token Large Dog, was stopped just shy of continuing his super peeing party on this intriguing find.

dog with skull #1

“Hey mom! Look what I found!”

dog with skull #2

Well, we’ve had boats, and we’ve had skulls – what’s left but pirates? (Warning: more third-day-camping photos.)

camping pirates pirate dog

Man, was it ever hard to pack up and come home. It’s hot here, and there is work here, and messy houses, and no creeks outside my bedroom window. I could have lived up there for the next forever (if I could have found a shower, that is).


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