I Didn’t Forget, Honest

Remember how, a long time ago, I was all “I did interesting things last weekend and I’ll tell you all about it soon,” but I never did?

Well, the time has come. It is time to share the saga of my brief and illustration career with the Canadian Mafia – or, as we prefer to call it, the

canafia logo

You know me as QBobicus, but my name is actually Julia Hosencrantz. I’m what they call in the business a mafiosa. I have kind of a knack for it, and made it pretty far in the organization. Would have made it to the top, probably, if I’d been wearing more practical shoes. This is me:


The problem two weekends ago started with the guy pictured below with his secretary – clearly a sleazeball accountant.

Boob Pic

We made the mistake of trusting him with our tax records. He was supposed to make the parts about our maple syrup smuggling operations disappear. Instead, he snitched. Worse, he brought me into it. This had less than desireable results.

julia mug front - edited julia mug side - edited

A man like that can’t be allowed to walk the streets. He’s got to be held accountable for his debts. That’s why I got in touch with one of our little men, a man named Rousseau.


I thought he could take care of our little problem. I wasn’t accounting for – shall we say – human error, however. But maybe I should let Rousseau tell the story for himself.

“Canafia” was created for the i48 film festival and competition (news article here). Nick Kovach, pictured below, is a friend and a Brother (and a student filmmaker with a real future, if you ask me), and when he asked Ryan and I if we’d like to be considered as possible actors we said something along the lines of “uh, sure.” I’m glad we did, because it was an awesome day. As you can probably tell from the below photo. Because if shooting footage from the trunk of a moving car doesn’t spell a-w-e-s-o-m-e, I don’t know what does.


Basically, i48 starts when the contest organizers hand each team a genre (sci fi, action/crime, experimental, silent, documentary/mocumentary, music video, Western, movie preview, and film noir, I think), a choice between three props (bubbles, a red bouncy ball, or a copy of the Boise Weekly), a character (Dr. Paul/Polly Tanner or Robert/Roberta Sloan, adventurer), and a line of dialogue (“Don’t bring it up,” in our case). You then have 48 hours to plan, write, shoot, and edit a 4-7 minute film. All of the films showed at the Flicks, a little local theater, this past Saturday; the finalists played at the Egyptian, a big local theater, Sunday evening.

I don’t doubt that we would have done very well except for some technical difficulties that resulted in A) our film being turned in slightly late and B) some “minor problems” with the soundtrack. As it was, we had a blast.

You know that scene where I’m running through the Canadian forest and fall? Yeah. That was unscripted. And real. On the plus side, I can now add “Stuntman” to my resume. Or would that be Stuntwoman? Stuntperson? Klutz?

Anyway, I would have shared earlier, except I wanted the video, and we weren’t allowed to post it on YouTube until after the screenings. So… here you have it. After you watch the video, click on the logo in the lower righthand corner and leave some YouTube love for the people who did the really hard work, okay? 🙂 That would be these guys down there:


(BTW: I totally deserve an Oscar for Worst Foreign Accent in a Short Film. Of all the shots where I just left it out, or was halfway believable, they had to use that shot… ;))


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