Anderson’s Grimoire, Part Three

My Defense Against the Book Arts professor sent me his review/critique of Anderson’s Grimoire. I won’t post the full text here (last time I did that, one of his undergrad students Googled the post and caused an embarassing situation, for me anyway) but I will share the results.

He opens his email with the following: “I confess, I’ve not looked forward to reviewing your book. I silently groaned when you presented it in class.” Needless to say, my heart sank. I’ve had a lot of professors in my life thus far, but there are relatively few whose opinions I actually value. He is one of them, and to think that he hated my book… ::shudder::

Fortunately, the rest of the email talks about how his initial reaction was proven wrong. The phrases “a delight to read” and “authentic narrative voice” are highlights, as are “charming spite” and “evilness.”

Grade: A+. I can live with that.

All right, well, I’ve got another book to finish… still got to attach endpapers and chains. My hands were throbbing after yesterday’s board-covering escapades, and working with the chains is going to hurt like hell. Add on the fact that I am STILL SICK and… yeah. Whee.


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