I Need a Nose-Stopper

I’ve come down with some kind of nasty head cold, complicated by my pre-existing allergy symptoms, which means that I am one sick puppy. I would dearly love to treat said illness with copious doses of reading in bed (I’m starting that Captain Kidd book and owe a review on Old School) and discussion of plot points with my poodle. Not an option, unfortunately… I’ve got a book to finish. Twelve of them, actually.

To-Do List

  • figure out dimensions for boards
  • cut 24 boards
  • measure and cut cover material
  • cover the boards
  • affix the text blocks
  • find (hopefully at home) endpapers and affix
  • drill holes in boards
  • attach chains
  • number edition
  • write a 5-7 page explication
  • do laundry
  • go see the visiting locomotive before 5 PM

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