Book Dragon

They say that the trick to hooking into the blogging community (that is to say, building a readership – and that is important to me, whether that’s “right'” or not) is to have a focused blog. Journal blogs are generally only interesting to the blogger’s friends and family. Which is fantastic – that’s exactly why I set up this blog. But I get discouraged sometimes, that there’s no real indication of anyone reading this blog, so I decided to think about directing what I was writing.

I write a lot about books. I make books, I buy books, and I read books. A lot. And that’s not very interesting to read about, unless you happen to be a part of the avid bookblog community out there in El Blogosphero. So… I’ve decided to give that a shot.

(This isn’t a very coherent blog entry, and I’m blaming that on the late hour and the fact that I seem to be coming down with a cold. I’m sorry if I sound like a half-literate typewriter monkey.)

The point of this is, this blog isn’t going anywhere – this is my journal, my way to share what I’m thinking with my family and friends. But I am going to put all of my book-related stuff over here.

It’s not really “another blog” – this is stuff I was writing anyway – it’s just a special sub-blog for biblioposts. I’m hoping to write some good stuff and recommend some good books – not to mention sharing the books I create – so please stop by and check it out. 🙂


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