Anyone Want to Play?

I always post these interactive things on Fridays, which is just stupid because – as we all know – no one reads Xanga on Fridays. Oh well. Maybe I make up for it by not being online on the weekends, so you have three days to get to it.

Anyway… I was surprised to see how many comments I got that indicated that people would like to try to make a book, or had done so in the past, etc.. Then, I read a posting on a forum I recently joined. The administrator, a talented book artist with a great blog, is throwing a bookmaking “challenge,” one that sounds very accessible to people with a wide range of skills, as well as really fun. The forum is pretty new, and I was thinking that it might be fun for y’all to give the challenge a shot and maybe bring some new life into the discussion.

Here’s the challenge:

Create a journal with a travel themed cover. Just create a blank journal with the cover done in some type of theme that represents travel. Then post a photo of your book and a short description of your technique in this thread. The challenge will run starting May 1 through May 31.

You’ll have to register with the forum, which is free, before accessing that thread.

Okay, so before you say “I don’t know how to make a book,” let me tell you how easy it is to learn. First off, there are lots of great free online tutorials (most of which are PDFs, some of which are easier than others to follow) out there:

If they have them at your local library, I highly recommend either of these two books for ideas and easy-to-follow instruction:

You can also look in the craft section of the children’s library for some great bookmaking resources.

Not to mention, who cares about previously engineered bookforms? I basically made up my form for Anderson’s Grimoire – and I’ll tell you what, a big part of my motivation for doing so was that I kind of suck at the established stuff. I totally encourage you to experiment and play around with making pages stick together. And who’s to say that a nice spiral binding isn’t exactly what your travel journal needs?

So what do you think? Wanna come out and play with me? It would make this SO much more fun if some of my friends were playing along. 🙂


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