I’m back

After a long weekend in Vegas, I’m back.

I received an email alert this afternoon about the shootings at Virginia Tech. There really aren’t even words to describe the horror of something like this. Thirty-three dead, fifteen more that are injured – some of them may die, too. Some of the injured got hurt as they leapt out of windows in an attempt to escape the shooter. I read at one point that he may have chained the doors to the building shut so that people couldn’t escape. The deathcount more than doubles that of the infamous University of Texas clock tower shootings, which held the previous record (what a terrible word for something like this). I was glad to receive an email from the chapters at VA Tech letting us know that no one we knew was involved.

Like I said, there really aren’t words. I’m not going to try. I thought I could end this post with a little recap of convention but it doesn’t feel very appropriate right this moment… maybe I’ll get to it tonight.

An update, posted a few moments ago by Adam Cantley:

Brothers and Sisters,

Our first thoughts were about the brothers and sisters at VT during this time. However, our thoughts are with the entire band program at Virginia Tech who share our love of music. We have learned that there were fatalities with in the band program at this university. With the many people in critical condition there maybe more. I urge you to keep these brothers, sisters, and bandmembers in your thoughts and prayers. Also, I would urge you all to not flood there band director or department with e-mails, now is not the time. The brothers said the volume of information is overwhelming between support, families, and the media.Please give them time to deal with the issues on campus and in the band. They know your support is there, because they have read what is on this list. We are truly a family, and now is the time we need one another the most.

AEA and ITB,
Adam Cantley
KKPsi National VPSA


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