I Wish!

Today is Drop Everything And Read Day. I think this may be my new favorite holiday!

I’ve got three books at home that I’m reading, another book burning a hole in my bookshelf, and very little desire to be productive – hey wait! I’ve also got a nine-hour bus trip starting this afternoon! Maybe I can celebrate after all. Whooooooo!

It’s Beverly Cleary’s birthday. She – and Ramona Q. – Everytime I feel nauseated, the scene in Ramona Quimby Age 8 where she tries to will herself not to vomit by trying to keep completely still plays through my mind. My alter-ego, QBobicus, grew from Ramona’s Q-cat concept. Those books played a disproportionately large part in the creation of my mental playspace.

Raise your hand if you shared Ramona Quimby’s world!



One thought on “I Wish!

  1. HI!!!!!


    Thanks for saying something! Its great to hear something from some random brothers! Its nice to be able to say that… lol. Hello!

    I’m in Gamma! Woohh who! <3


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