Don’t I Wish!

Today is Drop Everything And Read Day. I think this may be my new favorite holiday!

I’ve got three books at home that I’m reading, another book burning a hole in my bookshelf, and very little desire to be productive – hey wait! I’ve also got a nine-hour bus trip starting this afternoon! Maybe I can celebrate after all. Whooooooo!

It’s Beverly Cleary’s birthday. She – with Ramona Q. – sponsors D.E.A.R. day. Everytime I feel nauseated, the scene in Ramona Quimby Age 8 where she tries to will herself not to vomit by trying to keep completely still plays through my mind. My alter-ego, QBobicus, grew from Ramona’s Q-cat concept. Those books played a disproportionately large part in the creation of my mental playspace.

Raise your hand if you shared Ramona Quimby’s world!



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