Ad multos annos

Thursdays hate me a lot. I really want to post something important but I just can’t take the time to do it. I’m hoping I get a chance to poetize later, but no promises. Anyway, I’ll just repost something I posted to the Western District list-serv that they haven’t yet distributed, because it’s being cantankerous or something. Is that how you spell that?

I wanted to wish the Iota Kappa chapter a very Happy Founders’ Day and a
Happy Fifth Birthday!
On April 5, 2002, Boise State University gained a chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, and the students initiated gained more than I can begin to describe in a single email.
I’ll never forget the moment when we received our charter in front of all our new Brothers at the Western District Convention in Flagstaff, but more importantly I’ll never forget all the things that have transpired since that day. I’ve been so very fortunate to be a part of this chapter as it has grown, stumbled, striven, and flourished. As I recently told my great-grand-Little and great-great-grand-Little (man I feel old!), joining the fraternity is a trailhead, and while we all go on different paths from that point, we all have this foundation of our journey in common. It has been my honor and my privilege, and my very great joy, to walk these roads alongside all of you.
Godspeed, and many happy returns, Iota Kappa. You are upholding Boise’s proud tradition every day, and I cannot wait to see what heights you can strive for and achieve in the future.
If you’re a member – past or present – of Iota Kappa, I hope you’ll go to Facebook (you can get an account for free even if you don’t have a Boise State email address) and go here and leave some of your fondest chapter memories.

One thought on “Ad multos annos

  1. hi! it’s djoy03 from livejournal, you left a comment a few days ago…

    now here is a question i just can’t seem to figure out…how was your chapter founded on 4/5/02 with the designation of IK and KX was founded on 4/20/02? Was your chapter inactive before then and refounded, or were there really that many chapters installed in thouse fifteen days? just curious. and also, thanks for your words of encouragement!

    soon-to-be KX alum

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