I Drool; I Swoon

Okay, let’s just take a moment to talk about the BEST WEBSITE EVER.

I may have mentioned this website before, but I don’t think I could have possibly raved about it enough. There just aren’t words to adequately glorify this website.

It’s called LibraryThing, and it’s the neatest thing since sliced bread. I mean it. Basically, here’s the deal. You get a membership on this website, and you can catalog your books online. Title, author, ISBN, cover art – tags, reviews, comments, ratings. Largely customizable, and getting better all the time. Lots of people on there, too. You can see how many other people on LT own your books, and you can even talk to them about them. Have little nerdy book discussions. It’s great.

Plus, you can access the site remotely – even from a cell phone – so you know whether or not to buy that used copy of The Juror. And you can put little widgets on your blog so that your buddies can browse your catalog or see what books you’ve added recently.

If you own fewer than 200 books you can LT to your heart’s content for free. People like me with upwards of a thousand books have to shell out $10 a year (or $25 for a lifetime, but maybe next year) for an unlimited membership.

SO in love with this website. You should definitely get a membership… and tell me your username… so we can compare notes. I’m CapnK8 on there.


One thought on “I Drool; I Swoon

  1. Oh my Blog, I lurve librarything. I haven’t been over for a few weeks, but I’m gonna add you to my contacts list…mkay? Mkay.

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