Good Day

If you like photographs and/or puppies, you’ll like this post. Otherwise, you might as well move on now. That probably goes for those of you on dial-up, too, I’m afraid. Sorry. 🙂

basketball pose copy
Paisley was happy that the women won the WAC Championship – Go Broncos! – so we decided to celebrate by buying a $7 basketball and going to the park.


kate bb
As it turns out, you can forget a lot about how to shoot a basketball in eleven years.  

ryan bb
Little hard to tell, but I caught R mid-air in this one.

Paisley’s not the best defensive player ever, but it’s mostly just because she’s short.

watch kate

stand there
Paisley got a little tired of watching us play…. 

chew leash

…particularly once she realized that there were other dogs around. 

kate fetch
Time for the tennis ball!

pose tb

We kept the line attached to her so she’d be easier to catch if she ran off, but she actually did really well loose. We had to run after her and get her off of other park-goers a few times, and I wouldn’t want to try it around traffic, but I was really glad to see that she stuck with us for the most part.

 chew ball copy

You can see Coach Pete’s autograph in this pic. Ian Johnson’s is on the other side.

Starting to get a little tired of this whole ‘fetching’ nonsense.


playground sign  
Then we realized that there was something else that would be fun to do. 🙂


ryan car
Definitely falls into the “children aged 2-5” category.

 dinosaur copy
Paisley’s pretty sure this was the best part of the park.

ryan climb

Paisley’s pretty sure this is the worst part of the park.

Finally, Paisley wore out her parents pretty good and proper…

play yet
…just, of course, as she was waking back up. 🙂

Cute pictures of d’Artagnan forthcoming, for those of you who prefer the feline folk.


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