Equal Opportunity Photoblogging

More pictures, this time more of the feline persuasion (although with some Paisley thrown in, as she’s a pushy little attention-monger). I know it’s probably boring, but I likes the picturegraphs!

paisley watch tv
To set the stage, here’s Paisley watching the smellovision.

d’Artagnan was having a pretty good time watching the game.


ears back
What? What’s that you say? 


silly face
Ha ha! Meredith was on TV!

closeup profile copy
Admire me, for I am beautiful. 

at moms feet
After a while, though, the kids decided they wanted to play a game of their own. Cue the hairband.

A little tug-of-war…

hairband stalk
…fetch (yes, our cat plays fetch, much better than our dog, actually)…

…and a little of whatever this game is that he likes to play with me.

kitty kissy
He likes it when I let him win.


smirk copy

lean on dad
After all that hard work, a kitty’s got to find a comfy spot to relax.

lean on dad 3

Then he wanted to know what I was up to.

computer 2

feet copy

These next few pictures are from today, just because the furbabies are all so photogenic. 🙂

in window

in window 2

in window 3

And finally, I leave you with something we saw today while walking downtown. Whaddaya figure?



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