Bodily Harm (Part One)

I’ve been wearing a sterling silver band on my right middle finger for the past several days. Last night I took it off to find a corresponding ring of bright red blisters. Whether this is indicative of my longstanding mild metal allergy or of the fact that I’m turning into a werewolf, they still itch.

At about 2 this morning I got up for a few minutes and was sitting down with my eyes closed when d’Artagnan decided (from across the room) that he wanted to be in my lap. Not only did he overshoot, but he scared the living daylights out of me. Trying to stabilize, he dug a few claws into me right above my right clavicle. Now, I’m a cat person, and I instinctively know how to deal with cats to avoid getting hurt even when claws are engaged – but not so much at 2 in the morning, when startled, with my eyes closed. My reflexes took over and I grabbed d’Art. This was a poor idea. He freaked out, tried to get away, and one claw (still inside my shoulder) twisted under the surface like a barbed fish hook. It took me about five minutes to unhook a panicky cat from my torso, which should have taken only a few seconds had I kept him calm. As a result, I look like I’ve been nipped by a one-toothed vampire. It’s bruised around the puncture site, and now I keep thinking about my first aid trainer guy going on about how cat bites and scratches were more dangerous than any other kind of (non-rabid) animal injury.

And finally, in what I hope is the final link of a trifecta and not simply the next in a long line of owies, I caught my little finger in the metal joint of the strap of my laptop bag this morning (not sure if that made sense) and like to took my fingernail off.

Something more interesting later, if I have time.


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