WANTED: Subjects for a (extremely limited-edition) bookwork project. Looking for adults who lead mainstream lives during the day – office workers, students, executives, retailers, parents, etc. – who are a part of the goth subculture on their own time. Must provide photographs by March 1. Those who are included in the project will receive their very own copy of the completed work.

If you’re interested, go to http://www.oxfordandleather.blogspot.com for all the details you can handle.  The project’s dedicated email address is oxford.and.leather@gmail.com.

More personally, because we’re all friends here…

You might remember that I took a bookmaking class a while back, and really liked it. Well, I got invited to take the graduate section this semester. There are seven people in the class, plus the professor, and while we have considerably fewer projects to deal with, they’re of a higher caliber.

On the first day of class, I got a brainstorm for a book I really want to do. This is that project – a (mostly) pictorial depiction of people who live a dual lifestyle, in this case, a mainstream/goth lifestyle. It’s not creepy or stalkery or exploitative – it’s respectful, exploratory, and hopefully insightful.

Anyway, if you fit the bill, or know someone who does… please consider helping out. This is one of these things where I’ve hung my hat on other people, and I’m hoping I don’t live to regret it – that enough people participate to make it work. If you’re really into the whole internet community thing and wanted to post my wanted ad on your blog/website/etc., I’d be indebted to you.


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