Five Fantastically Unrelated Things

We’ve been training Paisley to sit on command, using treats. This morning I went to let her back inside, and d’Artagnan came to the back door (in his usual halfhearted attempt to slip out). I closed the door, picked up a puppy treat, and told Paisley to sit.

Both critters sat and looked up at me expectantly.

Reeling from the sheer cuteness of it all, I gave Paisley her treat and looked around for d’Art’s. I had to leave the room to get them, so I grabbed them and went over to him. He saw I had his treats and did what he usually does – stood up on his hind legs and reached for the box.

“Sit, d’Artagnan,” I told him.

And he did.

I’ve got the cutest pets in the world.

My main task at work today has been organizing the ordering of department polo shirts. How great is that?

Got a small favor to ask you, if you’re one of the few people I know to whom this might apply. If you live a mainstream, “normal” life during the day but are a part of the goth subculture on your own time/at night, could you send me a Xanga message or leave me a comment? I’d like to ask you a couple questions. Nothing weird, no funny business, no hating.

Political cartoons from my new favorite:


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