Not a Recap

Well, the weekend is more or less over, at least business-wise. I’m waiting for my shuttle trip to the airport, and then I’ll be off on a grand adventure of connecting flights and hour-long layovers that will, hopefully, be just a tad longer so that I have time to use the restroom and stretch my legs and find my gate. I hope that they will be longer in the sense that the flights are short and we arrive early, and that “tad” refers to fifteen minutes or so. This may not be the case – my layovers are in Chicago and Denver. As of right now, says it’s clear and cold in both places, so I shouldn’t get snowed in, right? 🙂

Things went well, I think. I have a headache, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I woke up every hour on the hour all night and that I got up, dressed, and breakfasted by 6 AM my time. Whee team fun! Looking forward to sleeping on the plane, lemme tell ya. I’m optimistic about what we’ve accomplished.

I’ll probably check back in later, maybe tonight… wish me safe travel… 🙂


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