Happy Birthday, Bubbles!

Yessiree, it’s my birthday. An hour and a half ago, at 12:34, I turned 26. So far it’s really been a very good day, for a birthday spent at work. That is, up until 1:25, when I learned that one of our employees had killed himself earlier in the day. That was not a good moment.

But never mind that for now – this is a happy blog, and we’ll deal with sad things later.

This morning, Paisley gave me (and herself – she’s six months old today) a present by sitting down without being pushed when I told her to. This is after only one day of being told “sit” while pushing her rump down – she’s a smart girl. Now that she’s mastering “sit” I just need to teach her “don’t poo under the Christmas tree.”

Ryan gave me a terrific new toy for my birthday – my brand new lime green Boise State iPod!! I have named it Bubbles. I’m so excited. It fits in my billfold, and will be a good friend to take with me to Cincinnati. I’ve been listening to it off and on, at appropriate moments, all day. My own little walking soundtrack…

Then, when I got to work, R from the warehouse personally delivered a box from FTD to my desk. Ryan had sent me a bouquet of roses with a box of truffles inside! I haven’t ever been FTD’d before. 🙂 Everyone was jealous (started texting their boys wondering where their flowers were) and of course, at that point the cat was out of the bag re: my birthday. Not that I was trying to keep it a secret; it was written on my calendar and everything.

Ooo! And I got an email from my dad, who is in Germany!

I met Mom for lunch, and I got an awesome scarf, a cute little orange birthday Beanie Baby bear, some cuddly socks, and the orange moccasins I’d been coveting for over a year. It was awesome. Dad called while we were at lunch – it was 8 PM there and he was still at the factory – and that was awesome, too.

Then, of course, I got to work to some bad news. Sigh.

Anyway, that’s my day so far! Hello to everyone!

(Ten points to anyone who knows what my title refers to.)

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