Happy Founder’s Day!

Happy Birthday

Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity: Est. November 27, 1919

Had you asked me beforehand, I would have sworn that I would never join a Greek organization. And maybe I was right – maybe I didn’t join a Greek organization. Maybe I got adopted into the most amazing nonbiological Family anyone could ever ask for. Maybe I joined a heroic quest to defeat evil and save the world for college bands. Maybe Music took me by the hand and led me on a path towards learning, love, and a new and wonderful life.

I have never regretted becoming a Brother of Kappa Kappa Psi. Every day, I talk to friends in other states that I would have never met without this fraternity. Every week, some new occasion presents itself in which I discover that the lessons I learned in KKPsi are utterly invaluable in the “real world.” Every year, I see children enter the chapter I helped to build – and before I know it, they’ve emerged as adults, as admirable human beings, as champions of band and music and what we’ve come to call The Bond.

Sometimes I don’t know exactly why I’m here, or where I’ll end up next – but I do know that wherever I go through this wilderness, my feet and heart will be guided peacefully through the obstacles and triumphs of my life. I am a Brother of KKPsi. My husband is a Brother of KKPsi. My sister is a Brother of KKPsi. My friends are Brothers of KKPsi. Perhaps one day my children will be Brothers as well. Like any Family, ours has its ups and downs… like any Family, ours is unbreakable and irreplaceable. Brothers – thank you for your love, for your passion, for your laughter, for your dedication. Thank you for everything.

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