Fight on Courageously

I haven’t made a big deal about football on my Xanga this year, and since Ryan has forsaken Xanga entirely, you haven’t had your annual dose of Boise Bronco Ball from that venue either. Don’t worry – I’m not going to start now. If you aren’t in the know, here’s the story in a nutshell: we’ve got an awesome new coach, an amazing team, and we just busted the everlovin’ BCS. Ranked 8th in the nation!!!

On Saturday, the Broncos played Nevada in what could have been a really tough game. Instead, after a slightly rough start, we very nearly shut them out. They gave our boys their WAC championship trophy and then put them on a plane home. The city of Boise, of course, went out in the freezing dark to meet them when they returned.


Paisley’s a big fan…


The buses pulled into the parking lot, and the crowd erupted. Below, my MIL Kit and her friend Brandy.


Some of the players made it into the Varsity Center to change; others never made it out of the parking lot as the mobs descended. The guy in the orange and blue scarf below is Ian Johnson, who will be winning a Heisman in the next couple of years, just you wait.


But while we wait for him to win the Heisman… we can get him to sign our dogs. Ian seems like such a sweet guy, in addition to being smart and a helluva football player. He loved Paisley, and she gave him puppy kisses.


Coach Pete signed Paisley, too. (He’s the guy in the black leather coat below.) I asked him if that was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever done, and he laughed and told me that he’d never signed a dog before.


 In conclusion… unless something unexpected happens, we’re going to Phoenix! Well, Glendale, but yeah. Phoenix!

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